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Went fishing with son Whit Jr. this weekend and I caught 2 large bull dolphin, one 48 in. to fork and 28 in. girth, and other 46 in. long. did not get a weight, had no scale large enough, think they were about 40 pounds. My biggest Dolphin ever.

Whit VanCott


Bill Casale holds Mike's fish while he shoots a picture. Caught 6/21 off Key Largo. 44" to the fork, 37 lbs. A June Winner

July Entry Carlos Valdes 36.5" (fork length) cow
dolphin caught July 5 300' off Tavernier, for the contest.

This is a 20 lb Bull Bennie Nelson caught in late April
 on a very rough 6-8 ft day.

Tom Prazan, Kim Koch and ?
3/23 with a nice Key Largo Mixed bag

Carol Nelson 18 1/2 Trout
3/31 March Winner

VICKIE KATZENSTEIN--- 16 lb --33 7/8 inch mutton snapper caught on March 22 off French Reef in 125 ft in the rain on 12 lb test ande line -- Catch verified and weighed @ key largo fisheries by Capt Chan Warner.


Kim Koch with a 15 lb African Pompano


55 pound plus Cobia caught by the Winter Dream
on 3/9 Captained by John Rowe, Landed by Bruce Cliff
and Gaffed by Tom Frankovich


3/23 "It isn't the Easter Bunny"
42" 31 lb Amber Jack
Took about 15-20 minutes to pull him up.
Fishing with John Rowe on the "Winter Dream"

The "mutton man" was out today 3/5 , 35' on a patch reef north of the elbow. 25" and 8 lbs. Free lining for yellow tail. There was something else with it. The 2- 20" and the 22" were on the same patch also lost 4.


Next day 3/6 ! A 27" 10 lbs



Tom Prazan
22" 2 1/2lb Yellow Tail

Guess what was under this TREE  



Went out today with Gary Beaucage and his friend Scot off of Key Largo.  The plan  was to  drag some dead ballyhoo and get some Mahi.  Well the plan went well at around 250 feet while about to  attach a line to  the outrigger it  got hit, ripping the braided line through my fingers. The culprit was a 23lb Cow measuring 48 1/2 inches. She left her mark on four of  my  fingers, but I look at it as a battle scar that I wear proudly.   Not Much later a 25lb Cow measuring 51 inches was also put into the cooler. Mahi is definitely on the menu tonight.

2/20/08...  20 1/4"
Took a shrimp on a green float. We boated
25 trout mostly 8-12 inches
 right in my back yard



Red Grouper 26 inches, 16 lbs, caught in 52 feet of water with ballyhoo plug on Feb 9, about 2 miles south of Red Can.  34 inch King Mack (measured to fork) in same spot, freelineing a chartreuse 16th oz jig with 3 silversides, on 30# braid with 20# fluorocarbon leader.


Wahoo (38 inch) caught off red can Feb. 8. Used a bally on down rigger set about 60ft .
Dave Todd  boat CAPE KEY


Russ Swanson.
Sea trout 16 1/2" caught on Jan 23, 2008  with Captain
John Whalen aboard his back country boat                 

New Member Tom Prazan  caught this
19 1/2" Mutton on Feb 8 fishing with Tom Vogal
(must have stole his secrets). They also got 19 Yellow Tails


Ed Stell 34 1/2" Gag Grouper
Live Ballyhoo
off a small patch
A comedy of errors from bite to picture taking.

Mike MacDonald with a nice Grouper

Starting Feb 2008 off
Rod Holzworth
20 1/8 Yellow tail
90 foot off Davis on a shrimp


Ben & Carol Nelson caught this nice black on Feb 3 Saturday afternoon aboard the 51 50 in 40' deep water. 32 inches long 21lbs. tried sail fishing at 140 to 150 ft and saw 2 but no luck that day.

On January 13 the largest thing I got was a Spanish Mac that measured 26  3/4 inches (photo attached). Fishing off of Crocker in about 55 foot of water.
     Last week I had an exciting battle with a Grouper that almost pulled me off the boat. It pulled me off the front cooler onto the rail  and  down the rail to the side entrance and almost overboard. After a battle of aprox 20min up came a nice grouper. Unlucky, it was a Goliath  so  it never left the water. That was also off of Crocker in 45 foot of water.

Spring 2007 Tournament winner

Dee Dee Ellis
28 inch Black Grouper

Ron and  a 43 inch Dolphin he caught 4/19. Ron and I went out with Gary and had a great day on the water.  More than a dozen made the cooler.

Dizzy Dean

We were fishing in 60 - 70' of water on Easter Sunday off Tavenier.  We used cut ballyhoo for bait.  The biggest tail was 24" & weigh appx 5lbs.  The others were 20" & 19".  The trigger weighed about 5lbs... 

 Ron & Rhonda Ciaccio


Caught this 46" cow and two smaller fish today. Sue caught the cow and one of the other dolphin, I was allowed to land the smallest fish. Will be leaving foe Kentucky next week. Tom Vogal


25" UKFC measurement and 8.5#. Caught this on the MONEY PIT, Captain Tom Vogel. Used live ballyhoo for bait in about 120' of water off molasses. We also had a 21" mutton and a 26" grouper along with grunts and porgy we caught while fishing for bait. 2/27

Bob Smart with a January caught Yellow Tail



Nice Mutton  6.68 lbs 24 inches Florida Length.
UKFC contest 22 1/4.Caught 2/15 off Higdons Reef on a split Bally Hoo plug.

Fishing report  for Jan  24th  2007, 
on the "Dizzy D"

First spot off Little Conch provided some nice live bait but with no current not much happened.   As it was such a nice day, I just out of  habit  I guess, headed for the humps in the hopes of  finding some Tuna.   By the look  of  the  other  boats out  there , not  much was  going  on  and I was not having  much luck so  it  was time  to  head back for the  reef.

This  time  on  the  reef  there  was a little bit  of  current, fishing off Crocker in about 48 feet of water,  using live bait the afternoon bite turned on. Providing  some nice fish for the dinner table.

The catch worthy of  mention:

one  Black Grouper      28" long 13.5 lb.
one  Snowy Grouper   21" long   6.4 lb.
one  Mutton                   18" long   3.6 lb.
one  Spanish Mackerel   27" long   5.5 lbs.

Tom Dean,  "Dizzy D"

This 55 pound Dolphin was caught on Tuesday, January 24th, 2007  by Paul Andrews of EquityOne Home Inspections, aboard The Royal Tease captained by Sally Stribling of Coldwell Banker Real Estate Co., approximately 11 miles SE of The Red Can off Key Largo.

(Didn't measure the fish! I'm sure it would be a Winter season winner)

Look for the complete story in the February Newletter

Here are a couple of Mahi caught 01/17. From left to right;
Dick Mead, Ron Murphy, Ronnie Burris and his daughter, Brenda. Gives the rest of the club something to shoot for in the Dolphin category.

CAUGHT A 27# Wahoo on 1/17/07 it was 47" long aboard the Good Times .
Capt. George Metzler.

George seems to know how to target the Wahoo. New Wahoo leader for the month of January.


Caught this grouper south of Carys fort in 50 ft . of water. Got it to the surface and it spit the hook then something bit its tail, I circled around and pulled it out of the water. It was not this fishes lucky day.        
 Ben Nelson

45" African Pompano caught off Key Largo by Larry Ruggiero assisted by Anthony Tromantano.



56 inches long, 38 lbs. Wahoo caught on a blue/white kingbuster with a stinger and dead ballyhoo.  Carolyn and I found a strong current rip and fished both sides, on the clear side we hit pay dirt.

Mike MacDonald 12/06



Carolyn MacDonald caught a 24 inch mutton.
But, It was on Mike's rod.

Looks like the Winter season is starting and the fish have to worry after a safe summer.



A long day on the patches ,must have swam 3 to4 miles to get this nice batch of lobster. Most  were at least 1/2 " over size.  Jim Smart  and Ben Nelson  . Aug 26 2006

Caught the grouper in 50 ft. of water, between the elbow and carrysfort trolling a deep diving green and yellow storm lure. He weighed 9 lbs. Had two more nice grouper and an Abaco

African Pompano caught by Anthony Tramontano aboard the MISS LISA ON 4/24/06

Caught Monday evening 4/2/06 around 7 PM. in 130 feet of water out off Mollasses reef on a pink and white trolled Alien lure . Wahoo was 44 inches and weighed 20 pounds.
Way to go Whit!

Club members Ron Murphy, Sonny Gray, and Ronnie Burris had a fun day with the dolphin on Ronnie's Bush Peddler III. Caught on April 4th on naked hoo trolled on surface and subsurface with wire line.


If this was a beauty contest it would be a tough call

Carol Stell with a couple of April Yellowtail

Tom "Mutton Man" Vogel strikes again. 6 and 11 pounds on 3/23. Watch out Tom the Muttons have hired a Great White Shark and he's waiting for you.

3/17 No Dolphin but this guy put up a great fight

Ed Stell fishing with John Rowe aboard the
Winter Dream found some Dolphin and a King on 3/13.
Naked Hoo on Mono leads.

found them again 3/16

My wife Sue and I caught these 3 mutton (03/17) largest nine pounds and a  32", 16# grouper. All on ballyhoo. We also had 5 keeper yellowtail. We were fishing in about 120' anchored.
Thomas Vogel

Watch for the "MONEY PIT"
My wife Sue and I caught these 7 Mutton from 10# to 6# today, also one grouper. Fishing in about 120 ft with ballyhoo, used live and dead. Split heads on dead and about 30 ft leader. We also lost 6 fish.

Tom Frankovich and Ed Stell
found Shrimp at Dusenbury on 2/28
We didn't get a lot but they ran

Rob Stewart scored a pair of Wahoo on 12lb
spinners using Billy baits on mono leaders while out for Dolphin on  2/23.  260' off S. KL.

41lb wahoo caught 02/26 while fishing with club members Ron Murphy and Ron Burris aboard Ron Burris's beautiful new 28 foot Albemarle, "Bushpeddler III." The fish was caught off Alligator in 325 feet of water on a naked ballyhoo.

Dick Mead


Mark Wimmer, with his 26, 8 # Red Grouper.  It was caught on a patch reef in about 20 of water using a shrimp for bait on
Sat . Feb 3

35# Gag Grouper taken by Ron Murphy, aboard
Dick Mead's Go Aweigh.







Mel and Red with a a few nice Groupers and Snappers

Happiness is a Mutton

Whit & Pat Van Cott's Granddaughter Marissa
aboard the "Patty Ann"


Nice catch of Mangroves
Carol and Ed Stell 2/3
Taken in the afternoon on Hoo chunks


Dry Tortugas trip January 2006 "Emily Anne"

First fish landed by Capt Bette Mead upon our return to the Keys, 2006






Dick and Bette Mead along with Mike Roidt had a great day. Mike took the Dolphin and Bette caught her first Wahoo on a Dennis's Marlin Man Lure (red and black).  4/13/05


Photos from February 2005

Scott Kallis, Doug Jeffrey and Mike Macdonald

Mike Macdonald

Mike Macdonald  

Carol Stell with First Grouper

Adams cut produces great eating












Capt. Doug Jeffrey with his catch from the Gulfstream II trip